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Welcome to my webpage!

I've posted a few samples of my artwork here for viewing.
Oil paints, pen and ink, pencil...
Portraits, illustrations, computer fun, a bit of sculpture & other things.

(Scroll down to view.)

(after closing the 2 durned pop-up windows!)
(What can I say? It's the price of a free web page.)

These are stained plexiglas panels.

(I've done an entire series of maze drawings.)

TN Landscape, Oil on Canvas 16 x 20

(Just trying to cut ties with an old love...purely symbolic.)

Commissioned Portrait

Ink drawing; "Speckat"........and I don't know what to call this other sketch...

"Dewdrops" 24x36 oil painting

Photos taken in the Pacific Northwest.(My photography)

(My photos)

Driftwood masks...

I traveled for 7 months in this van. What an experience!

Preliminary sketch for a painting. The painting now hangs in a library in San Diego)

(I sketch odd things for fun...)

Playing with a photo in photoshop.

(A portrait of one of my good friends...he's a Vietnam war hero and a humanitarian)

I hope you enjoyed this small presentation of my work.
Thanks for stopping by! ~Dani

Email sizzlinegg@gmail.com

Oh, and the albino dolls I've been making sell well;


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